Diving at Menjangan Island, Bali

Diving Pulau Menjangan Bali

Diving Bali: Pulau Menjangan

Menjangan Island is the westernmost islands of Bali. The name is taken from an endangered species called Menjangan (deer).

The island is surrounded by many snorkeling spots that is rich in various kinds of coral, millions of species of fish, turtles, and if you are lucky, you can meet dolphins too!

Anemones, gorgonians table, coral garden, eel, lion fish, even murray are some of the marine life you can meet at a depth of 3-10 meters. A bit of luckiness will get you to meet turtles, dolphins and whale sharks.

The island’s coasts have deep troughs. The walls are filled with various types of coral reefs with dazzling colors where hundreds of fish live and roam around it. This is the one of the world’s best diving spot.

The Attractions

Not only diving, you can also climb to the island and see the deer roam freely in their habitat.
The wall (cliffs) in Menjangan Island waters is one of the world’s best seawall.
The island has a statue of Ganesha temple located on the west side. This statue facing to the west just above the cliff.


It takes a very long time for coral reefs to grow back when fractured. Mind your steps while resting. Do hold on to a float provided or find a location that is quite shallow, flat, and not a reef (sand, dead coral, or rocks)

Take your friends to a group trip! Private boats are ready to take your fun trip with an experienced local guide.

Booking Diving Trip:

Dive Trip Reguler 1Day – Pulau Menjangan, Bali
Dive Trip 2D/1N – Pulau Menjangan, Bali

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